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Civil Procedure: Rule 15 - Motions


Section 1. Motion defined. — A motion is an application for relief other than by a pleading. (1a)

Section 2. Motions must be in writings. — All motions shall be in writing except those made in open court or in the course of a hearing or trial. (2a)

Section 3. Contents. — A motion shall state the relief sought to be obtained and the grounds upon which it is based, and if required by these Rules or necessary to prove facts alleged therein, shall be accompanied by supporting affidavits and other papers. (3a)

Section 4. Hearing of motion. — Except for motions which the court may act upon without prejudicing the rights of the adverse party, every written motion shall be set for hearing by the applicant.

Every written motion required to be heard and the notice of the hearing thereof shall be served in such a manner as to ensure its receipt by the other party at least three (3) days before the date of hearing, unless the court for good cause sets the hearing on shorter notice. (4a)

Section 5. Notice of hearing. — The notice of hearing shall be addressed to all parties concerned, and shall specify the time and date of the hearing which must not be later than ten (10) days after the filing of the motion. (5a)

Section 6. Proof of service necessary. — No written motion set for hearing shall be acted upon by the court without proof of service thereof. (6a)

Section 7. Motion day. — Except for motions requiring immediate action, all motions shall be scheduled for hearing on Friday afternoons, or if Friday is a non-working day, in the afternoon of the next working day. (7a)

Section 8. Omnibus motion. — Subject to the provisions of section 1 of Rule 9, a motion attacking a pleading, order, judgment, or proceeding shall include all objections then available, and all objections not so included shall be deemed waived. (8a)

Section 9. Motion for leave. — A motion for leave to file a pleading or motion shall be accompanied by the pleading or motion sought to be admitted. (n)

Section 10. Form. — The Rules applicable to pleadings shall apply to written motions so far as concerns caption, designation, signature, and other matters of form. (9a)
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