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Civil Procedure: Rule 25 - Interrogatories to Parties

Interrogatories to Parties

Section 1. Interrogatories to parties; service thereof. — Under the same conditions specified in section 1 of Rule 23, any party desiring to elicit material and relevant facts from any adverse parties shall file and serve upon the latter written interrogatories to be answered by the party served or, if the party served is a public or private corporation or a partnership or association, by any officer thereof competent to testify in its behalf. (1a)

Section 2. Answer to interrogatories. — The interrogatories shall be answered fully in writing and shall be signed and sworn to by the person making them. The party upon whom the interrogatories have been served shall file and serve a copy of the answers on the party submitting the interrogatories within fifteen (15) days after service thereof unless the court on motion and for good cause shown, extends or shortens the time. (2a)

Section 3. Objections to interrogatories. — Objections to any interrogatories may be presented to the court within ten (10) days after service thereof, with notice as in case of a motion; and answers shall be deferred until the objections are resolved, which shall be at as early a time as is practicable. (3a)

Section 4. Number of interrogatories. — No party may, without leave of court, serve more than one set of interrogatories to be answered by the same party. (4)

Section 5. Scope and use of interrogatories. — Interrogatories may relate to any matters that can be inquired into under section 2 of Rule 23, and the answers may be used for the same purposes provided in section 4 of the same Rule. (5a)

Section 6. Effect of failure to serve written interrogatories. — Unless thereafter allowed by the court for good cause shown and to prevent a failure of justice, a party not served with written interrogatories may not be compelled by the adverse party to give testimony in open court, or to give a deposition pending appeal. (n)
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