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Civil Procedure: Rule 49 - Oral Argument

Oral Argument

Section 1. When allowed. — At its own instance or upon motion of a party, the court may hear the parties in oral argument on the merits of a case, or on any material incident in connection therewith. (n)

The oral argument shall be limited to such matters as the court may specify in its order or resolution. (1a, R48)

Section 2. Conduct of oral argument. — Unless authorized by the court, only one counsel may argue for a party. The duration allowed for each party, the sequence of the argumentation, and all other related matters shall be as directed by the court. (n)

Section 3. No hearing or oral argument for motions. — Motions shall not be set for hearing and, unless the court otherwise directs, no hearing or oral argument shall be allowed in support thereof. The adverse party may file objections to the motion within five (5) days from service, upon the expiration of which such motion shall be deemed submitted for resolution. (29, R49)
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