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Civil Procedure: Rule 53 - New Trial

New Trial

Section 1. Period for filing; ground. — At any time after the appeal from the lower court has been perfected and before the Court of Appeals loses jurisdiction over the case, a party may file a motion for a new trial on the ground of newly discovered evidence which could not have been discovered prior to the trial in the court below by the exercise of due diligence and which is of such a character as would probably change the result. The motion shall be accompanied by affidavits showing the facts constituting the grounds therefor and the newly discovered evidence. (1a)

Section 2. Hearing and order. — The Court of Appeals shall consider the new evidence together with that adduced at the trial below, and may grant or refuse a new trial, or may make such order, with notice to both parties, as to the taking of further testimony, either orally in court, or by depositions, or render such other judgment as ought to be rendered upon such terms as it may deem just. (2a)

Section 3. Resolution of motion. — In the Court of Appeals, a motion for new trial shall be resolved within ninety (90) days from the date when the court declares it submitted for resolution. (n)

Section 4. Procedure in new trial. — Unless the court otherwise directs, the procedure in the new trial shall be the same as that granted by a Regional Trial Court. (3a)
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