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Civil Procedure: Rule 54 - Internal Business

Internal Business

Section 1. Distribution of cases among divisions. — All the cases of the Court of Appeals shall be allotted among the different divisions thereof for hearing and decision. The Court of Appeals, sitting en banc, shall make proper orders or rules to govern the allotment of cases among the different divisions, the constitution of such divisions, the regular rotation of Justices among them, the filing of vacancies occurring therein, and other matters relating to the business of the court; and such rules shall continue in force until repealed or altered by the Supreme Court. (1a)

Section 2. Quorum of the court. — A majority of the actual members of the court shall constitute a quorum for its sessions en banc. Three members shall constitute a quorum for the sessions of a division. The affirmative votes of the majority of the members present shall be necessary to pass a resolution of the court en banc. The affirmative votes of three members of a division shall be necessary for the pronouncement of a judgment or final resolution, which shall be reached in consultation before the writing of the opinion by any member of the division. (Sec. 11, first par. of BP Blg. 129, as amended by Sec. 6 of EO 33). (3a)
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