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Civil Procedure: Rule 55 - Publications of Judgments and Final Resolutions

Publications of Judgments and Final Resolutions

Section 1. Publication. — The judgments and final resolutions of the court shall be published in the Official Gazette and in the Reports officially authorized by the court in the language in which they have been originally written, together with the syllabi therefor prepared by the reporter in consultation with the writers thereof. Memoranda of all other judgments and final resolutions not so published shall be made by the reporter and published in the Official Gazette and the authorized reports. (1a)

Section 2. Preparation of opinions for publication. — The reporter shall prepare and publish with each reported judgment and final resolution a concise synopsis of the facts necessary for a clear understanding of the case, the names of counsel, the material and controverted points involved, the authorities cited therein, and a syllabus which shall be confined to points of law. (Sec. 22a, R.A. No. 296) (n)

Section 3. General make-up of volumes. — The published decisions and final resolutions of the Supreme Court shall be called "Philippine Reports," while those of the Court of Appeals shall be known as the "Court of Appeals Reports." Each volume thereof shall contain a table of the cases reported and the cases cited in the opinions, with a complete alphabetical index of the subject matters of the volume. It shall consist of not less than seven hundred pages printed upon good paper, well bound and numbered consecutively in the order of the volumes published. (Sec. 23a, R.A. No. 296) (n)
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