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Admission vs. Confession

Admission Confession
An act, declaration or omission of a party as to a relevant fact (Sec. 26, Rule 130). The declaration of an accused acknowledging his guilt of the offense charged, or of any offense necessarily included therein (Sec. 33, Rule 130)
It is a voluntary acknowledgment made by a party of the existence of the truth of certain facts which are inconsistent with his claims in an action (Black‘s Law Dictionary, 5th Ed.) It is a statement by the accused that he engaged in conduct which constitutes a crime (29 Am. Jur. 708).
Broader than confession. Specific type of admission which refers only to an acknowledgment of guilt
May be implied like admission by silence. Cannot be implied, but should be a direct and positive acknowledgment of guilt.
May be judicial or extrajudicial. May be judicial or extrajudicial.
May be adoptive, which occurs when a person manifests his assent to the statements of another person (Estrada vs. Desierto, 356 SCRA 108)

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