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Criminal Procedure: Rule 125 - Procedure in the Supreme Court

RULE 125
Procedure in the Supreme Court

Section 1. Uniform procedure. — Unless otherwise provided by the Constitution or by law, the procedure in the Supreme Court in original and in appealed cases shall be the same as in the Court of Appeals. (1a)

Section 2. Review of decisions of the Court of Appeals. — The procedure for the review by the Supreme Court of decisions in criminal cases rendered by the Court of Appeals shall be the same as in civil cases. (2a)

Section 3. Decision if opinion is equally divided. — When the Supreme Court en banc is equally divided in opinion or the necessary majority cannot be had on whether to acquit the appellant, the case shall again be deliberated upon and if no decision is reached after re-deliberation, the judgment of conviction of the lower court shall be reversed and the accused acquitted.

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