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Persons bound by the judgment in ejectment cases

Who are bound by the judgment in ejectment cases?

As a rule, the judgment in an ejectment case is binding only upon the parties properly impleaded and given an opportunity to be heard. This is because an ejectment suit is an action in personam. However, the judgment becomes binding on anyone who has not been impleaded in certain instances as in the following:

1. A sublessee is bound by the judgment against the lessee because his right to the premises is merely subsidiary to that of the lessee.

2. A guest or a successor in interest, the members of the family of the lessee or his servants and employees are likewise bound by the judgment even if not impleaded in the suit for ejectment.

3. Trespassers, squatters or agents of the defendant fraudulently occupying the property to frustrate the judgment; and

4. Transferees pendente lite and other privies of the defendant.

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